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1. Kobonaty The Book

What is Kobonaty The Book (KTB)?
KTB offers unbeatable value with Buy One Get One Free Offers at the best restaurants, spas, fitness outlets, entertainment and more across the United Arab Emirates. We were founded in 2010 and our book is an essential annual purchase for our customers.
How does Kobonaty The Book (KTB) work?
There is KTB book available for purchase. If you buy a book, you tear out the Voucher(s) and present them for redemption when you ask for your bill at the relevant outlet.
How many offers are available in Kobonaty The Book (KTB)?
Our book contains hundreds of Buy One Get One Free Offers. You can view more details of participating merchants on the main page. Please Click Here to view our main page.
How do I see the different merchants available in Kobonaty The Book (KTB)?
We have a list of participating merchants on the main page on our website. You can view merchants filtered by category and location, as well as search for specific merchants, Click here to go to the ‘Find Merchants’ page. Enter your search terms in the fields and see which all merchants and offers are available to you.
Where can I purchase Kobonaty The Book (KTB)?
You can purchase KTB from our website. We ship all website orders for free. If you are coming to UAE on holiday, we can have your purchase delivered to your hotel, free of charge.
How long is Kobonaty The Book (KTB) valid for?
KTB is valid for one year, from 2nd of January – 30th of December, excluding public holidays and other specific days – all of which are mentioned in our Rules of Use in the printed book.
Do I get a discount if I purchase Kobonaty The Book (KTB) later in the year?
KTB gives the value for amount paid within the use of a few vouchers. Because of this, the price of our book remains the same throughout the year.
How long does it take for Kobonaty The Book (KTB) order to reach me?
The time it takes for your KTB book to arrive depends on your location. The estimated delivery time for UAE Orders are 2 -3 working days, although these estimates may vary in peak times, due to the high volume of orders.
Where can I check the status of my Kobonaty The Book (KTB) order?
Upon placing your order you will receive a detailed e-mail with delivery partner information for your KTB book you have purchased.
How do I go about changing/refunding Kobonaty The Book (KTB) order?
To refund your KTB made on our website please e-mail us on show e-mail. If you purchased your KTB at any of our retail partners’ outlets, please contact them directly about your refund or change in your purchase.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist with a refund if you have purchased KTB from a retail partner.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist with refund if KTB is not in the original plastic wrapping or used.

2. Redeeming Kobonaty The Book (KTB) Offers.

How many vouchers are there for each participating merchant?
There are 3 vouchers for each participating merchant, which can either be all for the same offer or three different offers. For example, Chili’s is offering 3 Buy One Get One Free vouchers for Main Menu Item; that’s 3 Main Menu Item for free when using all 3 vouchers!
How many vouchers may I use at one time?
A maximum of 4 vouchers can be used at one time. You can use 1 voucher per 2 people and a maximum of 4 vouchers for 8 guests. In most cases, you must use 1 voucher for at least 2 persons visiting with any of our merchants – except for KTB Beauty & Spa, Auto, Kids & Games & Service offers which may be redeemed both times by the same person.

3. How do I redeem Kobonaty The Book (KTB) Offers?

Do I need to register my book to use the vouchers in the book?
No, the Offers in your book can be used as soon as you receive the book. We simply encourage you to register your book online so you have access to Offers from NEW merchants and the monthly Member Offers. These Member Offers change on a monthly basis and includes:
• Additional exclusive Member Offers (different from the offers in KTB) from merchants that are part of the current year’s KTB.
• Offers from merchants that have recently signed up to be part of the KTB. Without you registering a printed book not purchased on our Website, we would have no way of knowing that you are an KTB Member and have no way of communicating with you.
What are the restrictions on the Offers?
Our Offers have very few restrictions on the times or days when they can be used. They are valid throughout the year, excluding some key public holidays and exclusions. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information on public holidays.
What happens if merchants close during the validity period?
Please read the Terms and Conditions for additional information on the acceptance and validity of offers in Kobonaty The Book (KTB).
What restrictions do the Offers have on them?
KTB vouchers are not valid during public holidays or other holidays such as Christmas Day, Please note we do observe region-specific days off. You can view all the exclusions within the Terms and Conditions.
Can I purchase additional vouchers for my favorite outlets only?
No, individual vouchers are not available for purchase. Instead, why not take advantage of Offers for another outlet that you haven’t previously tried?

4. Kobonaty The Book (KTB) Membership

What is Kobonaty The Book (KTB) Membership?
KTB Members receive many additional benefits including a selection of complimentary Offers every month. As an extra bonus the Member offers can be redeemed as many times as you want, within the month that they are valid (subject to the KTB Terms and Conditions). KTB Members also have the opportunity to take part in exclusive competitions and promotions that run across the year.
How do I become a Member?
You are automatically registered as a Member when you purchase KTB book via our website. If you buy a book from one of our retail partners then you just need to visit our website and register the unique number written inside the book as proof of purchase.